Scammers use scare tactics targeting Eversource customers

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GROTON - Groton police are warning customers of a telephone scam where Eversource customers are given an ultimatum: pay their utility bills with a wire transfer or a prepaid money card or face termination of their electrical services.

Groton police report they are receiving multiple calls from residents regarding this phone scam, with individuals misrepresenting themselves as supervisors from Eversource Energy.

The caller advises the victim their account is past due, and the power will be shut off in 24 hours, then directs the victim to a local business where they can purchase a reloadable debit card.

The victim is then instructed to call back and provide the access codes for the card.

They are also advising the victim to go local businesses that offer MoneyGram Service and to wire the amount to a specified account number.

The calls are coming in on a 1-800 number, then the victim is switched to a 1-845 number.

Thursday afternoon, Groton police received four complaints, all in the Mystic section of town.

According to Eversource Energy, Eversource contacts customers well in advance and in writing if they're at risk for disconnection and never call demanding immediate payment.

Eversource employees do not go door-to-door, asking to talk to customers about their bills and these people are not affiliated with Eversource in any capacity.

If someone goes to a customer's home or business looking to discuss their bill, customers are asked to not share any account information with them.

Instead, they are advised to report it immediately to the local police and Eversource at 1-800-286-2000 and if you receive a phone call, hang up and notify the Groton Town Police or your local police department.