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Bear family makes its home in Avon backyard

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AVON--A family of black bears and a family of humans have found a way to coexist in Avon.

The Propiescus family spoke to Fox CT and provided us with images and video taken in their backyard of a momma bear and her three cubs playing. When Fox CT went out to meet the family and hear their story on Thursday afternoon, there was a bear waiting to meet the crew just a few blocks from the family's home.

Carmen Propiescus told Fox CT that the bears stop by all the time and are "sweet, and listened when spoken to." She and her husband, Robert, and their two sons appear in the video and photos below, which were taken in mid-April. The animal-loving family said they decided to release it to the media now because of the bad press recently about bears after one chased two runners in Granby.

Despite the closed quarters relationship between the family and the bears, DEEP warns not to approach bears no matter how docile they may seem. You also shouldn't feed the bears, and it's advised that homeowners remove birdfeeders and garbage cans from outside during the summer months. Instead, keep garbage cans in your garage on non-trash days. Also, don't leave your pets unattended in your yard.

If you do encounter a bear and feel it may act aggressive, make your presence known by waving your arms and making noise. Don't run away, but if you feel you need to then slowly back away.