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Gronk responds to ‘deflate-gate’ controversy the way you’d expect

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BOSTON — As the New England Patriots stay mum about the NFL’s report on alleged deflation of footballs, tight end Rob Gronkowski is responding to the media reaction.

In a video posted online, Gronkowski criticized reporters for asking him about deflate-gate while he was at a charity event for Rodman Ride For Kids.

“What about all the fundraising for the kids?” Gronkowski asks. “All the kids, everyone doing a great job, all the behind-the-scenes that I do, Rodman Ride For Kids Does,” Gronk continues, “no one ever wants to expand on that.”

The tight end then takes us to the gun show.

“You know, these sure aren’t deflating,” Gronk says as he lifts up a bicep, “these are only inflating.”

“So get ready cause gonna be ready.” It is unclear what Gronkowski is ready for.

Rob makes a more controversial comment at the end of the video.

“There’s only one thing you can deflate: deez nuts.” Gronkowski is referencing a punchline that has grown popular in the last month on the six-second video sharing app vine.

The following Vine may be considered offensive: