Suspect selfies? Local woman’s stolen phone may still be taking pictures

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From: Facebook/Angela Sanzone Valencis

WEST HARTFORD — A local woman’s Facebook post is getting hundreds of shares in hopes that her stolen phone is returned.

Angela Valencia said that her phone was taken on Saturday from the Green Teahouse in Blue Back Square in West Hartford.

She has an idea of who took the phone because whoever has it now is taking pictures, which are being automatically uploaded to her Dropbox account.

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service.

Although she is getting these new photos, she said there are some irreplaceable photos and videos stored solely on the phone. “….my┬ábabies from birth through their early years,” Valencia writes. “Videos of their first time eating big kid food, taking their first steps, snuggling with each other and me, their first birthdays and Christmas morning.

Valencia said she has sent text messages and even offered the thief a cash reward to have her “precious memories” returned.

The phone is an Android.