Naming rights, ads, considered to help cover transportation

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HARTFORD — Selling more advertising and leasing naming rights are being discussed as possible ways to raise more money to help operate Connecticut’s transportation system.

Corporate sponsorship of highway rest stops and other Department of Transportation services also are under discussion.

DOT Commissioner James Redeker says he’s interested in both concepts. But he stresses they won’t raise enough money to put a dent in the $100 billion price tag of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed 30-year overhaul of the state’s transportation system. Rather, he said they could help offset operating costs.

Last year, the DOT received about $3.5 million from advertising on trains, buses and ferries.

Malloy has created a commission to recommend ways to fund the transportation overhaul. Redeker said he’d like the group to consider ways to cover operating costs for transportation assets.