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For the Pequot Museum, doors open again

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LEYDARD-- Since 1998 The Mashantucket Pequot Museum has been a fixture less than a mile up the road from Foxwoods but that ended when the museum closed its doors for the winter to do some retooling.

On Friday the museum reopened with a new outlook on the future. The museum is billed as the biggest Native American museum in North America, and its new marketing plan includes offering new programs and artistic initiatives.

"In many ways it's our coming out," said Jason Mancini, the new director of the Pequot Museum. Mancini, who has worked with the museum since it opened but was named director four months ago, said, "We haven't been as visible as we would like and we are going to be taking on some more initiatives and we're going to be connecting with more schools and corporations to really get the visibility that we deserve."

There are over 300,000 square feet of space at the Pequot Museum, and about one-third of that space is dedicated to exhibits. Mancini noted that the famed "Pequot Village" alone is spread out over a half-acre on the museum's bottom floor.

"When people come here it's really a 'wow factor,' it's not the just size it's the information."

"American history really starts here," Mancini added.

The museum is on its summer schedule and will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays. For more information, click here.