Harsh winter leaves Branford marina sinking

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BRANFORD--We're past the unofficial start of summer, and every boat in the Branford marina should be up sailing.

But Skip Birberie, the second-generation owner of the marina, said this season isn't going too hot, despite the muggy temperatures outside.

"We are probably 30 percent off of the boats we need in the water," Birberie said.

He says the delay is due to the extremely harsh winter we just weathered.

"We had three feet of ice in the lift well."

The late thaw has put the marina behind schedule--way behind. "Typically by Memorial Day we have a goal to have everyone in the water," Birberie said.

So what exactly happened? The ice that accumulated during the winter during high tide on the  Branford River would cause the ends of the pier to uproot just a bit. In turn, that caused the pier to shift, leaving the pier needed repairs or replacement.

Now Birberie is just focused on getting the boats in the water as soon as possible so that his business doesn't sink.