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HARTFORD - Tom Holland, who is an author and tri-athlete, joined the Fox CT Morning Extra to talk about training for a marathon. While there's lots and lots of running, what many don't realize is that marathon training is no longer simply about logging miles on the road and treadmill.

By adding new technology and latest fitness equipment into your training you can both improve your marathon time while decreasing your chance of injury. This technology also keeps your workouts fun and motivating.

Training for your first marathon takes a lot more than just moving your body, you need to be mentally ready for the commitment.

There’s tech component to it now that can help with the process:

Athos EMG Shorts: Ensures you are getting the most out of your leg workouts

The Core Hammer: For strengthening the core muscles ()

Core Water: Taking hydration into the 21st century - ()

Motion Traxx: Audio coached cardio workouts to keep you motivated as well as help you get the most out of your runs with their scientifically-designed programs.

Bowflex Body Protein Shakes: Marathon training significantly breaks down our muscle tissue - getting in adequate protein is essential to rebuilding and repair running-related damage and preserving our valuable muscle tissue.



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