Seven stores in Meriden cited for selling alcohol to underage youths

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Meriden Police

MERIDEN – Police found seven stores out of 32 that sold liquor to under age youths.

On Saturday, police sent two youths who had been trained in  undercover liquor compliance operations to 32 stores in Meriden. Seven stores sold the youths liquor.

Agents from the Department of Consumer protection cited the following stores:

  • Beverage World   566 W. Main Street
  • Meriden Package   109 Main Street
  • Towline Beverages   533 S. Broad Street
  • Big M Liquor   73 Pratt Street
  • YSI Mini Market   31 Pratt Street
  • Main Street Grocery   8 W. Main Street
  • Kensington Mart 66 Kensington Avenue