Connecticut legislature still working on budget deal

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HARTFORD -- Late Monday night State Lawmakers were still negotiating a two year spending plan worth $40 Billion.

The proposed budget  would legalize keno, among other things but tax hikes on people and businesses are causing a real stir with Republicans.

"We've incorporated and suggested some ideas that were taken into consideration, but to have a real dialogue, in a real, true bipartisan fashion, that's not happened, and that's the problem," said State Senator Tony Hwang, a Republican, representing Fairfield.

The proposed budget would raise income taxes for people making more than $500,000. Other new taxes include raising the sales tax on digital downloads and on car washes.

No specific information about the plan was made available to reporters or the majority of lawmakers late Monday night.

"It started in early February with the Governor's budget and it's going to continue on until we adjourn in a couple of days and maybe even a little longer if it has to but it's a process to come up with the best budget for the state," said Joe Aresimowicz, the Democratic House Majority Leader.