Video of boy left in running truck outside store prompts outrage, police warning

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FLORENCE, Ky. — A driver in Kentucky didn’t just leave his child in a car seat while he went into a store, he left the engine running as well.

Video recorded by a bystander is now going viral on Facebook. In the video, Mark Herrmann asks the boy (through an open window) if he’s “alright.”

Moments later the driver of the truck appears and tells Herrmann that the child is his and that the keys were in the ignition. Then Hermann confronts him, posing the idea that he could be a “bad guy.”

“I could have probably just drove off with this,” Hermann says. “You would have gotten two in the back of the head,” the driver replies. The driver says he was keeping an eye on the truck and his son the whole time.

Since the video was posted on May 29, it has been viewed more than 147,000 times, not counting how many times it’s appeared in news coverage around the country.

Florence, Kentucky Police Capt. Tom Grau told WCPO that while the department encourages people to report cases like this; he cautions anyone against direct confrontation.

Police said they will investigate the incident and file a report with the local Health and Family Services department for possible child neglect, WCPO reported.

Hermann recorded video of the truck’s license plate, which will help police track the driver down at home.

Full video: