New tick virus popping up across Connecticut

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HARTFORD - A new tick virus is popping up across the state.

It's called the Powassan tick, and it's pretty hard to detect if you get a bite: the virus doesn't leave a bulls-eye rash on your skin like Lyme disease from a deer tick, but you feel the effects much quicker. Lyme disease doesn't set in for a few days normally, while the Powassan virus can impact you within hours.

The little bugs are a big problem in backyards, according to Don Balint, of Guardian Pest Control, who says the ticks, "love the shade--they want to live in the shade area, stonewalls , fence lines."

The new tick virus has already been found in several Connecticut communities, including Bridgeport and Branford.

To help prevent an infestation of ticks you can call an exterminator, but a less extreme method to deal with the problem is to ensure you and your children wear long sleeves, pants and socks when in the woods.