Shelton parents up in arms over flower ban at 8th-grade dance

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SHELTON--Another controversy has arisen in Shelton over a ban on something related to a school dance.

Just a few weeks ago there was outcry from high school students over an imposed prom dress code.

Now, the controversy has moved on to the eighth-grade dance at Shelton Intermediate School.

The school has banned students from exchanging real flowers at the event due to concerns over allergies.

"It's a simple request based on an issue that was brought up for the first time this year," said Headmaster Kenneth Saranich of the issue.

Saranich says he was contacted by a family who was concerned because their child has an allergy to some flowers. But he's shocked at the outcry from parents, which say the ban shouldn't be imposed for one student.

But at the end of the day, those impacted most by the ban aren't fazed by it. Gianna Silva, the eighth-grade class president, says most of her friends don't even care. "They're excited to go and have a good time wit h their friends."

School leaders say all students who attend the dance will get a long-stem silk flower.

Here is the statement that was released to students by Headmaster Saranich:

It has come to our attention that some students may be bringing or exchanging flowers for the cotillion this Friday night.  We need to inform you that students with flowers will not be permitted into the dance.  Due to medical concerns associated with servere allergies to certain flowers, students with flowers will not be permitted into the school.  The exchanging of flowers for the cotillion is not a function of the cotillion, nor endorsed by the school.  For all students to have a safe and enjoyable evening we require that everyone involved comply with this request. Thank you.