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Hollywood road-rage fight caught on camera

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HOLLYWOOD -- A violent road-rage incident between two drivers in the streets of Hollywood, California was all caught on camera.

It happened during the Monday morning rush, right next to Hollywood High School.

In the video, two cars are pretty close to hitting eachother. Then, two men get out of the cars and start throwing fists. One man falls and almost gets clipped by a van passing in the opposite direction.

The person who recorded the video tells Fox CT sister-station KTLA that a nearby traffic officer appeared to be writing down the license plate numbers of the two vehicles. However, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division told KTLA the incident had not been reported as of Tuesday morning.

“It’s typical to see somebody yell or honk, but rarely do both guys get out of the vehicle and throw down in the middle of the street,” the man behind the camera said. “For some people, it’s getting so old — the traffic in this town — that’s it’s flying into a whole other level.”

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