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Nothing can stop this ‘stupendous’ 8-year-old and published author!

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HAMDEN--How much wood could Madison Rosetti chuck if she could write a book about her furry friends?

That's the question the third-grader at St. Rita's in Hamden set out to answer a year ago. And answer it she did!

Madison is a published author of the book "We Tell Very Interesting Facts About Woodchucks."

Did we mention she's only 8?

Madison told Fox CT about how she got the idea to put pen to paper: "Usually we go out to our treehouse where we watch the woodchucks. I said 'what are we going to use the pictures for? Why don’t we write a book?'"

So she set out and wrote the book, using her own woodchuck language to get to know her furry friends. "My dad and I use a sound that they come out," she said, and then she demonstrated the call she uses for the woodchucks.

The book is full of factoids about her backyard pets, and she sold it to friends and family.

But here's a surprising fact that wasn't in the book: Madison doesn't even want to be an author when she grows up!

When asked what type of career path the youngster may one day decide to follow, she said she wants to be "a dog walker, 'cause I have a dog."

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