Ben & Jerry’s grants fans’ dairy-free wish

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Waterbury, Vt. — Lactose intolerats and vegans rejoice! You can soon enjoy one of life’s greatest treats: ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s announced that it is developing dairy-free flavors after getting requests from fans. The article on Ben & Jerry’s website says that the company has been working on the product for a while, and it won’t be available until next year to ensure “these flavors live up to what Ben & Jerry’s is known for: enormous chunks, delicious swirls and a commitment to values-led ingredient sourcing.”

The plan was first revealed by co-founder Jerry Greenfield in an interview with U.K. newspaper Metro last week, followed up by a post on the company’s website. Greenfield told Metro that new ice cream would be made with a base of almond or coconut milk rather than cows’ milk.

The new line is expected to hit shelves next year.

Last month the famous ice cream company made a political statement with its newest flavor: Save Our Swirled. The flavor is a nod to climate change issues, and the tag line is “if it’s melted it’s ruined. The flavor is a raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and raspberry swirls and dark and white fudge ice cream cone pieces.

And if you’re interested, here are the 10 weirdest flavors Ben & Jerry’s has ever produced, counting down from least to most weird:


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