Hair cuts and check ups go together at one Madison salon

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MADISON--Getting a haircut is usually a mindless activity, but at one salon in Madison you get a whole lot more than you paid for.

At the Vivid Salon, which is own by Debi Panicali, 61, no matter what service you show up for you will get a skin cancer check.

Panicali knows first-hand the dangers of Melonoma--she was first diagnosed with the disease 30 years ago.

While blowing out a customer's hair, Panicali said, "I'm going to check her scalp, and I'm going to check her neck, and all areas that I can see."

She says that getting constant checks is vital to catch any discolorations, marks, moles or freckles that may appear in hard-to-see places on the body, such as your scalp or the back of your neck.

"You have beauty marks and moles in your scalp that you wouldn't even know is there," she said.

Besides the check-up, Panicali also hands out cards that show with visuals what to look for when checking over your own skin. She brought the cards home from a seminar she attended at the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Now Panicali just hopes that she won't be the only one to provide the added service, free of charge. "More stylists and more people in this industry should get involved, more eyes."

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