Norwich man arrested after pretending to be injured in crash he wasn’t involved in

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NORWICH–A man was arrested after police say he faked an injury.

At 10:54 a.m. on Thursday there was a three-car accident near 257 Main St.

EMTs responded and transported three victims to the hospital for injuries. One of those victims was Joseph Lewis, 42, of Norwich.

After the crash police obtained surveillance video from the city’s security cameras and were able to see the accident as it occurred. They found that one of the people who claimed to be injured in the accident was actually standing several feet away from the spot where the crash occurred at the time of the accident.

That person was identified as Lewis. He had given a statement about the accident to police and described specifically how he was injured. However, the video showed Lewis walk to the back of one of the cars involved in the crash, sit down behind it, and hold one of his leg as if he’d been hit.

He was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident and for a false statement in the second degree.

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