Danbury man arrested for choking woman in road rage incident

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DANBURY–A strange road rage incident led to the arrest of a man in Danbury on Sunday.

Around 3:25 p.m. the victim reports that she was pulling out of a parking spot in the garage at Danbury Mall when a small black car sped past her and stopped. The driver rolled down his window and yelled a derogatory word at her.

She continued on, but noticed that the car was following her on Segar Street, which made her nervous, so she threw her iced tea out her window at his car. He kept following her after that.

The two got stuck at a traffic light on Lake Avenue, and the suspect driving the small black car stopped behind the victim and exited. He opened her driver’s side door and grabbed her by the neck, choking her so that she couldn’t breathe. He also punched her car several times.

The suspect stayed at the scene, but would not provide his own account of what happened to police.

Police arrested the suspect, who was identified as Marcos Marte-Nunez, 21, of Danbury.