More states reaching out to CT companies

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HARTFORD -- More and more states are continuing their push to get Connecticut businesses to relocate. The latest to put an ad out is the state of Florida.

A radio ad playing in Connecticut urges companies to move to the Sunshine State. Florida's Governor Rick Scott is expected to visit Connecticut this week to meet with firms.

All this comes after the budget was passed earlier this month which calls for higher corporate taxes. Since then several states across the country have been taking advantage of the proposed tax hike by reaching out to Connecticut employers.

Earlier this month there was a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal enticing some top-notch Connecticut employers to consider moving their operations to Indiana.

When Governor Malloy was asked about all of the threats he downplayed it saying that, "everybody competes" and, "everybody does this kind of stuff."

Malloy has not yet signed the spending plan into law but after pressure from business groups to rollback the tax hike he recently proposed scaling back $224 million of the $1.5 billion in tax increases.

The tax rollback could mean further cuts to programs that serve the elderly and those with mental illness. House democrats are expected to meet Tuesday.