Bristol-Myers Squibb to close Wallingford facility in 2018

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WALLINGFORD – Bristol-Myers Squibb announced plans to close its Wallingford facility, relocate some jobs within the state, and move other jobs to Cambridge, Massachusetts as part of a larger reorganization of its research operations.

The company said the existing site in Wallingford will  close in early 2018 with up to 500 employees relocating to a new location in Connecticut.

The company said that in addition to relocating up to 200 employees from its Wallingford, Waltham, Mass., and central New Jersey sites, the company expects to recruit scientists from the Cambridge area to the new facility which is expected to open in 2018.

The company plans on moving employees from the Seattle facility to new offices in the San Francisco bay area in 2016.

Here is a statement from Bristol-Myers Squibb:

The decisions announced today are exclusively in response to our evolving global R&D strategy, first announced in 2013, and are designed to ensure our continued leadership in delivering transformational medicines for patients with serious disease by positioning our company and scientists in the heart of vibrant ecosystems of world-class science, innovation and business opportunities that offer ideal environments for fostering external collaboration.

We have no comment about the timing of our decision or whether we had any discussions with the state about keeping jobs there. Please note, however, that we are keeping 500 jobs in Connecticut at a location that will be determined later.