Putting and teeing up with high-tech accuracy

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CROMWELL--You may golf on par, but do you know the other stats from your tee game?

A relatively new technology that is being utilized at the Travelers Championship and at PGA tournaments worldwide can track more than 500 different statistics based on your swing and drive.

It's called Shot Link, and it's a group effort at big events like Travelers to get all the information.

"We have over 500 stats that we record using volunteers locally in the area, gathering shot info, distances and where players are hitting from," said Dallas Kirkendoll the director for the PGA's Shot Link department. At the Travelers Championship alone 250 volunteers are working to record the data.

The technology is simple, and works much like a laser that baseball coaches use to judge the speed of a pitch, or that police officers use to measure how fast your driving. And it's very accurate: it can track the ball down to a 1/4 of an inch.

"Now everything is in real time from the time a player putts in a hole, to the time its on the Internet its a matter of seconds," said Kirkendolla.

The crowd-sourcing technique allows fans worldwide to instantly know how their favorite golfers are performing on the course.

"The stats really magnify really how good these guys are," said Kirkendolla. "We want to give our fans a better idea of what is going on in the tourney and
make their experience that much better."