What people are saying about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

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Reaction to the Supreme Court ruling that declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states was swift. Here's what local and national leaders and some celebrities said on social media.

Rep. Joe Courtney said:

“All Americans deserve equal protection under the law, and we still have hills to climb to ensure that LGBT Americans cannot be discriminated against in the workplace or denied other rights and benefits. For today, advocates and allies who have worked to advance this cause should pause to reflect on this momentous achievement.”

Others spoke out against the ruling.

Governor Jeb Bush on today’s Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage:

“Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage.  I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision.  I also believe that we should love our neighbor and respect others, including those making lifetime commitments.  In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side.  It is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate.”