Controversy erupts after video depicting Hartford arrest goes viral

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HARTFORD–Despite an investigation clearing officers of excessive force, Hartford’s police chief said he plans to continue to investigate his officers’ actions after they were caught on a viral video.

The witness, who shot the video, posted it on Facebook and titled it “Police Brutality.” It shows Officer Robert Fogg using his baton to repeatedly strike the back of Samuel Bryant’s leg when he refused orders to get on the ground.

Warning: the video may be too violent or offensive to some viewers.

Chief James Rovella said Fogg and Detective Brian Salkeld found a large pocketknife on Bryant.  Bryant, a 34-year-old convicted felon, then took off after elbowing Salkeld in the nose and breaking it.

Rovella showed photos of Salkeld's injuries at a press conference.

Bloodied and hurt, Salkeld continued to pursue Bryant and then helped Fogg bring down Bryant in a driveway on Brook Street, which is where the cell phone video was taken.

Rovella met with inner-city community leaders to discuss what happened.

"I know a lot of hits are out there on Facebook, people seeing one side, I think that we need to share with folks the other side," Greater Hartford NAACP President Muhammad Ansari said.  "(I) encourage them to lets wait to get the full investigation."

Police said Bryant actually apologized after his capture.

Bryant has a long criminal history, including assault, drug and gun charges.  He was on probation when the incident happened.