New Haven high school students encourage younger students to use summer productively

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NEW HAVEN--A group of kids are encouraging positive ways to spend the summer in New Haven.

They’re called backpack ambassadors, and these high school students canvas New Haven parks spreading information on programs designed to keep students busy, occupied, and safe all summer long.

According to Carmelo Maldonado, "We have an informational packet regarding everything going on this summer, also going into the the school year, to get the children ready."

So if these programs are designed for the students for the year ahead, why are the backpack ambassadors targeting the parents? Well, according to the school board,  getting the parents in the know is just as much of an issue that needs to be addressed.

Superintendent Garth Harries said, "Parent engagement is always an issue for us. We want the parents knowing what is going on  with their kids, and what they need to do to help their kids prepare, and summer is a time for that."