Daytrippers: A drive on the luxurious wild side at Mohegan Sun

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UNCASVILLE -- Just a few laps can provide miles of memories--if you ride in style.

A group called Circuit One that partners with the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park offers customers a chance to drive some of the most exotic luxury cars on the road. Car aficionados can pay much less than the $250,000 or more price tag to hop behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Mercedes SLS AMG and a  Ferrari 458 Italia.


"It makes something that's unattainable, attainable for folks," said Josh Venada, the general manager of the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. "The experience is really all about giving people the chance to come out and drive a luxury vehicle, an exotic."

"I will remember this trip!"said Angelo Deguzman, who had just emerged from a bright red Ferrarai.  Deguzman, originally from New Haven, was one of the many drivers who got to pilot a dream car through the orange-cone-lined autocross course at Mohegan Sun.

Vanada noted that the cars in their fleet hover around the $250,000 mark. "When folks walk away from here," Vanada added, "they have an enormous smile on their face."

If you want to take the wheel yourself, Circuit One offers driving experiences on select days at the autocross course at Mohegan Sun, or on the road course at Thompson Speedway. They also offer rides in the cars on various dates in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Check sites like Groupon, where some deals in the past have offered three laps for $99. If you want the full track experience, it costs $495. To find out more click here.