Peak season for motorcycles and crashes

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EAST HARTFORD--With warmer days and the holiday weekend, it's a great time to ride.

It's peak motorcycle season in Connecticut and it's also the time of year when we see the most motorcycle crashes. Many of the crashes involve collisions with cars, and the bike and rider usually get the worst of it.

And unfortunately, one of the most critical ways to make motorcycling safer is for drivers of four-wheeled vehicles to pay better attention and check blind spots more readily.

"Road hazards, things like potholes and sewer grates and stuff like that, motorcycles have to make more sudden adjustments than cars do," Joe Barone, of Gengras Harley Davidson, said.  "A car can absorb that kind of thing where you might see a motorcycle that might have to swerve, so always give motorcyclists plenty of space on the road for sure."

Motorcyclists can also help themselves by wearing a helmet, even though it is not required in Connecticut.