Teen charged in fatal Waterbury crash

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WATERBURY - One teenager is dead, one is in critical condition and one is facing charges related to a fatal crash involving two stolen cars.

On Wednesday just after 2 a.m., a Nissan Maxima stolen out of Wolcott driven by a 16-year-old boy was speeding south on Wolcott Street.

The driver lost control and veered off to the right, hitting a utility pole. The car was cut in two and both passengers that were in the backseat of the car were ejected.

The front half of the car was then struck by a 2012 Subaru Legacy that was stolen out of Plymouth. The Subaru sustained damage that made it undriveable and both vehicles were left there while their drivers took off in a third vehicle.

Sajenae Winfrey, 15, of Waterbury, was pronounced dead on arrival at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. She was a passenger in the Maxima.

"She was always smiling," said Adina Richardson, a friend. "Every time I'd see her in the hallway, she'd never stop smiling, nothing, she was just always smiling."

A 13-year-old boy, also a passenger in the Maxima, is in critical condition with head trauma at CCMC.

The teen driving the Maxima is being charged with second-degree manslaughter, felony evading responsibility and third-degree larceny.

Police are reminding neighbors to secure their cars after discovering the Subaru had been stolen. " For the most part, they're coming along, they'll try your car door," said Chief Edward Stephens, of the Wolcott Police Department. "If it's locked, they'll move on to the next one, and another one until they find one that's open, so I say it over and over, don't be a victim, lock your doors."

Police say the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.