Job hunting in the tech age

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Michaela Church, a representative with Frontier Communications, joined Fox CT Morning Extra to talk about job searches online.

All across the country, recent college students graduates are either taking a little break this summer before they start to look for work in earnest or are already interviewing looking for their first real big job. Well, there is good news for recent graduates & the job market.

According to the Boston Globe, this year’s college grads are entering the best job market in nearly a decade.

A healthy economy — the national unemployment rate is down to 5.4 percent, the best since the early days of the Great Recession — and increasing baby boomer retirements are among the top reasons for a flurry of job openings across the U.S.

Demand is strong for business, finance, and health-care-related majors, but the most sought-after graduates hold degrees in so-called STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Of the 2.5 million jobs added in the past year, one in four were in engineering, computer science, and science-related professions, according to the U.S Department of Labor.

And keep in mind that it’s not just young people who are benefitting from the tightening labor market. Workers of all ages should see more opportunities in the weeks to come.

More people are searching for those new job “App-ortunities” with mobile apps.

According to a recent survey by management consulting firm Accenture, 64 percent of college grads said they are using or have used mobile apps in their job search.

Among the top job-hunting apps are LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster.

A free app, LinkedIn (iOS and Android) connects its users with the largest professional networking site in the country, where job seekers, employers and headhunters come together, building virtual connections and relationships.

The site also puts your connections’ networks to use for you, showing you who works where and how you’re connected to specific people, helping you strategize and network all along the way.

The Indeed mobile app is a mobile version of the renowned job aggregator site.

The app serves up job openings from millions of online postings, enabling users to peruse job descriptions from around the web at the touch of a finger.

Similar to Indeed, Monster is one of the oldest job search engine sites and its mobile app is essential for any job seeker.

Enter the same job search terms into both Indeed and Monster, and you’ll get different results, so it’s good to have both.

Frontier Communications is looking to hire 40 Sales Consultants in New London! These positions will be customer facing sales positions within our call center environment. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work with great people and grow their skills. More details on this job can be found at:

For those looking for part-time, hourly or seasonal work, Snagajob (iOS and Android) can help.

The mobile app is also a major job-search engine site similar to Monster and Indeed, but focuses primarily on hourly jobs and has more than 25 million registered users

Snagajob is a great option for people looking to pay the bills between full-time jobs, or for college students looking to fill the gaps between classes.

CIO magazine offers some additional tips to recent college grads looking for work.

In addition to a robust presence on LinkedIn, the magazine advises job seekers to review and monitor their social media accounts, removing anything that might be considered inappropriate by a potential employer.

Job seekers should also develop a list of target companies.

Start by creating a wish list that best describes your ideal job and working environment. Include aspects such as location, company size, corporate culture, company mission and/or salary potential.

Then, start researching companies online and match those wishes to potential employers.

Once you’ve identified a list of target companies, job seekers can then use social media to connect with people who work there, follow the companies to monitor job openings, and participate in company-related discussions on LinkedIn, Quora or other professional sites.

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