‘Half a bulldog, twice the love’ — Bonsai the puppy inspires people around the globe

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Meet Bonsai, the adorable bulldog puppy who coined the phrase "half a bulldog, twice the love."

Bonsai may not look like your average puppy, but he's impressing everyone he meets.

Bonsai the Bulldog via Facebook

Bonsai the Bulldog via Facebook

He was born to a breeder in Arkansas with "swimmer puppy syndrome" which means he was unable to stand up normally. Vets decided to amputate his back lets because of the deformities. He also has only half a spine and no pelvis.

But even though the odds have been against him, Bonsai is still thriving, according to his Facebook Page.

He is also friends with other amputee animals and is learning to adapt without legs.