Denver singers take final shot at making American Idol

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HARTFORD - It has only been two months since Connecticut’s Nick Fradiani took the crown but American Idol is back in the headlines.

As the final season approaches, auditions are taking place across the country.

Nick Fradiani auditioned less than a year ago and it was a last-minute decision as a favor to a friend.

Now he’s touring around the country as Season 14’s winner and has a mega-contract.

Idol hopefuls flocked to Denver Friday to see if they can follow in Fradiani’s footsteps.

If it has anything to do with American Idol, it is safe to say bill it, and they will come.

And they did - by the hundreds - would-be Idols waiting for the chance to chirp for Idol fame.

Friday was the first hurdle in auditions for the Idol hopefuls, and for many, it was the last.

Not everyone can be an American Idol, like Season Five winner Taylor Hicks, who made a guest appearance.

No matter what is motivating these folks, one things is for sure, it will be their last chance at the American Idol brass ring, because the next season will be American Idol’s last.

As for this season’s idol winner, Fradiani has been a busy man.

Recent reports say he’s been co-writing a new album with Jason Mraz and he kicked off the American Idol tour with his runners-up this week.