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Bridgeport gives students jobs to keep them off the streets

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BRIDGEPORT -- Do you remember your first summer job? Bridgeport mayor Bill Finch does.

“I worked at a golf course, and i cut the grass, and i cut the grass again. But I learned how to show up to work on time, how to save my money – I was able to get my first car, pay for tuition – and i know those are all important to you, right?”

He talked to 100 newly hired student recruits who are about to embark on new careers. Workplace will train them over the next week for their new summer jobs.

They’re all part of the student conservation core – jobs they’re working on will invest in the green initiative Bridgeport has been pushing over the last few years.

So far the workforce initiative has been working. Today's class of 100 added to the 650 already in jobs – you’ve got 750 young adults in paying jobs, working hard in the city of Bridgeport, and staying off the streets.

At Fruta Juice, Chris Jarrin has already hired two students looking for work. He doesn’t worry about their work ethic.

“This program is strict -- they go through a week of training [if] they flake out, they’re out. These are good kids that want to work, and put the work into it.”

These new hires will canvas the city – door to door, giving out info on solar paneling and other energy saving, cost-cutting initiatives.