Son of Boston police captain arrested in connection with ISIS terror plot

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These are just some of the weapons confiscated from Alexander Ciccolo.

ADAMS, Mass. — The FBI has arrested a Massachusetts man in connection with planning a terrorist attack on behalf of ISIS.

Alexander Ciccolo, 23, was arrested on July 4, charged with being a felon in possession of firearms. Monday, files were unsealed that shed light on the depth of his case.

According to the complaint affidavit, on July 4, Ciccolo took delivery of four firearms which he had ordered from a person who was cooperating with members of the Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force. Ciccolo was arrested immediately after taking delivery of the firearms, which included a Colt AR-15 .223 caliber rifle, a SigArms Model SG550-1, 556 caliber rifle, a Glock 17- 9mm pistol, and a Glock 20-10 mm pistol.  Ciccolo had previously been convicted of a crime and was prohibited from possessing firearms.

Ciccolo had spoken with a cooperating witness in recorded conversations about his plans to commit acts of terrorism inspired by ISIS, including setting off improvised explosive devices, such as pressure cookers filled with black powder, nails, ball bearings and glass, in places where large numbers of people congregate, like college cafeterias, according to the affidavit.  Prior to his arrest, agents had observed Ciccolo purchase a pressure cooker similar to that used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Agents say after his arrest, they found several partially constructed “Molotov cocktails” in his apartment.

Ciccolo is the estranged son of a Boston police captain. The father noticed suspicious activity and reported his son to the FBI, the BPD tells Fox Boston.

He will appear in federal court in Springfield, Mass. Tuesday.

You can read the affidavit filed against Ciccolo here.