Public hearing Monday could grant Toyota Oakdale Theater permit following noise complaints

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WALLINGFORD — The debate continues between Toyota Oakdale Theater and the Town of Wallingford. Noise complaints have led to numerous meetings between the two and another meeting is scheduled for Monday evening.

For months, neighbors have been complaining that concerts held in the dome section of the theater are too loud. They said they could feel “vibrations and it simply wasn’t a comfortable living situation.

Neighbors took matters into their own hands and obtained a cease and desist order. Meetings between the theater owners and the town ensued.

The most recent meeting to resolve the conflict took place in June. Operators of the Toyota Oakdale Theater (Live Nation) went before the town’s planning and zoning commission to find a compromise but none was found.

A lawyer for the town said the municipal government can’t grant the theater an exemption to a noise ordinance because the decibel levels in the area are controlled by state law.

The Town of Wallingford and Live Nation are still searching for a compromise and that’s led to the latest meeting. The agenda points out that it will be a public hearing for a special permit modification.

In the meantime Live Nation say it will work with neighbors. The theater has added some soundproofing; however, owners says soundproofing the entire theater would cost too much money.

Despite all the ruckus happening between the town and the theater, concerts are still being played at the venue.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at Wallingford’s Town Hall.