New invention ‘Hydro Hammock’ promises to be the perfect way to relax

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ASHLAND, Ore. -- Feeling stressed? An Oregon entrepreneur thinks he has found the perfect way to relax.

Hydro HammockBen Frederick is combing two of the most relaxing things one can do: lay in a hammock and lounge in a hot tub. The idea has been launched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and has already exceeded it's goal of $50,000.

The Hydro Hammock is made from a sealed synthetic fabric that can support the weight of two adults and 50 gallons of water, according to the company's Kickstarter page. The invention uses a portable gas water heater that re-circulates water from a garden hose, creating a hammock, hot tub hybrid.

The invention also bills itself as more eco-friendly than a traditional hot tub. hydro hammock pledge

Fredick says he takes crowdfunding seriously. Backers willing to lay out $5,000 or more receive "chocolate fondue and laughs, plus dinner with the inventor and directions to 10 of the region's most beautiful natural Hydro Hammocking locations." Plus, of course, "both the single layer Hydro Hammock and Double Layer Hydro Hammock along with the Water Heater System."



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