Bridgeport residents ask for crackdown on ATVs

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BRIDGEPORT- There’s a renewed call for police to crackdown on ATV and dirt bikes on public roads in Bridgeport.

Last Sunday, Maribell and Oliver Azevedo captured a chaotic scene on video from their own front porch on Park Avenue.

“They were popping wheelies, speeding up and down, doing stunts,” described Oliver Azevedo.

The couple said there were at least 15 illegal vehicles riding recklessly on their road and on the sidewalk for around an hour.

“What’s going on? That's what I was thinking,” said Maribell Azevedo. “Traffic was stopped, nobody could come or go.”

In Bridgeport, it’s illegal to ride an ATV on any public land. Just this past Spring, city leaders voted to increase penalties for people do so. Now first offenders could face a fine of up to $1,000.

Azevedo said she called police five times last Sunday, but was told by dispatchers it wasn’t an emergency.

“I told them if you don't get someone here, someone's going to get hurt,” said Maribell Azevedo.

Officers did arrive and eventually cleared the road. Now the neighborhood is calling for more police presence to make sure scenes like this don’t become even more out of control.


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