Despite the heat, some jobs stay cool all year round

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BLOOMFIELD -- Nate Wallace had his work cut out for him on Monday.

Wallace is a DOT maintenance crew leader who was busy installing a curb along a stretch of Route 189 in Bloomfield in temperatures that were well into the mid 90's.

"The humidity is what does us in," Wallace said. "All we can do is stay hydrated as much as possible."

Southington road crew

Southington road crew

While you have to take your hat off to Wallace and his road crew, in Cheshire, Bill Covitz was putting his hat on.

A fully knitted variety for extra warmth, as well as a ski parka and gloves. Covitz owns "Ice Matters" and is among the foremost Ice Sculptors in the region. Even on a day where the Sun pumped temps to 93 degrees, Covitz's office, a 16 by 16 freezer, stays at 18 degrees.

Bill Covitz, ice sculptor

Bill Covitz, ice sculptor

"It actually wakes you up," he said. "Humidity brings you down and, in here, you come in and it's like coffee, it gets you going." After sawing and chipping away the finishing touches on a giant ice martini glass for a Hartford party, Covitz said he felt for those working out in the blazing heat this time of year.

"Happy Summer," he said with a smile.

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