Hikers concerned if Meriden peak is staying put

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MERIDEN --  Hikers who frequent Giuffrida Park are banding together to save the mountaintop there called Chauncey Peak.

More than 2,200 people have joined a Facebook group concerned about the vista's future. Almost 500 nature lovers are signed onto a petition addressed to the owners of the neighboring Suzio York Hill Trap Quarry.

According to the petition, the hikers recently learned that the peak is actually part of Suzio York Hill Trap Quarry property. They fear their beloved vantage point, which shows miles of Connecticut land, will be blasted or mined away.

Quarry owners did not share their intentions for the peak with FOX CT but did reportedly tell the Meriden Record Journal they'd "consider" a protective clause for the peak.

The petition asks quarry owners to preserve the part of their property that contains the peak and also write that protection into any agreement if the owners decide to sell.

Hikers like Janet Higgins, who just learned of Chauncey Peak's uncertain future, hope quarry owners consider the Peak's support.
"It's absolutely beautiful up there," she said. "It would be sad to have that part of the park go away, that's for sure."