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AARP report addresses the cost of boomers caring for elderly parents

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Caring for the elderly

HARTFORD – Aging baby-boomers are facing the challenge of caring for elderly parents..

A  new study by AARP shines a light on the stress it can put on family members in charge of every day care-giving.

More than half of family caregivers here in Connecticut report they are overwhelmed by the amount of care family members need.

They face with everyday tasks like bathing and providing meals while holding down jobs.

The AARP study showed in 2013 there were  about 459,000 family caregivers in Connecticut helping a loved one and they provided 427 million hours of care.

The care amounted to $5.93 billion in uncompensated work.

Courtesy AARP

Courtesy AARP

Because people are living longer and our family units are smaller, the trend is increasing.

In 2010, the ratio of family caregivers for a person 80 and older was 7.2 to 1.

By 2030, that’s expected to drop to 4 family caregivers to every aging adult.

Increasing in 2050 to 3 to 1.

AARP says this shows the need to pay attention to the stresses family caregivers deal with everyday.

“That’s why are working to try to find ways to make sure that they can do so and still manage a career. more than half of family caregivers are working either part time or full time so they’re juggling their own family, their own responsibilities,” said Claudio Gualtieri, the AARP  Advocacy Director for Connecticut.

The legislature just passed “The CARE Act”, supported by AARP, which guides family members in caring for their loved one after a hospital visit.

AARP says more can be done, especially in the arena of workplace policies, like providing scheduling  flexibility for caregivers.

If you need resources for such selfless tasks, which can also be overwhelming, AARP has some resources.


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