Finch wins Democratic endorsement at wild meeting in Bridgeport

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BRIDGEPORT - Mayor Bill Finch won the endorsement of the Town Democratic Committee after a loud, raucous meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Bill Finch was battling against former Mayor Joe Ganim for the party endorsement. Ganim is attempting a comeback bid after serving seven years in prison on Federal corruption charges stemming from his time in office. "People understand that you make mistakes and when you're honest and open and apologizing for them, about asking for a second chance," said Ganim. "This is a second chance city."

The Democratic Town Committee gave Finch 49 votes Tuesday night. Ganim got 41.

Officials tried to regain order as the crowd took control of the proceedings. It took more than 40 minutes for the meeting to be called to order. Finch's campaign requested a state Democratic Party observer to be present at the meeting. "There's been tremendous pressure put on some of these delegates by my opponent and that's the kind of government we'd be going to if we allowed [Ganim] to get a foothold in this city again," said Finch.

The winner gets a boost of momentum for their campaign, an automatic entry on the ballot, and bragging rights.

After the vote, a somber Ganim said his camp won't take the loss lightly. "Couple of votes more would have been great but you know what, it's the same thing tomorrow morning for both sides. I look forward to the challenge of moving this city forward again."

Mayor Bill Finch

Mayor Bill Finch


Former Mayor Joe Ganim

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