Segarra, Bronin both confident day after nomination convention

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HARTFORD– Mayor Pedro Segarra once again explained his reasoning for declining his party’s nomination and for walking out of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee Convention on Monday night.

“When you have a community who feels a certain way about their mayor, as expressed by the polls and the door knocking and everything else, and you have a very select group of people who are not mirroring those expressions of will for the people, it is not representative government,” Segarra said Tuesday afternoon.

Segarra explained why he called the nominating convention “corrupt” after his opponent, political new-comer Luke Bronin, won the nomination with 49 votes. To win the nomination, a candidate needed 40 out of 78 possible committee votes.

“I think if the process was a fair one, I would have gotten the nomination,” he said.

Bronin said he is ready to move forward with confidence in his campaign.

“I feel like we have a great team, I feel like we’ve laid a strong groundwork, and I feel that there is a wide spread desire for change,” Bronin said.

Mayor Segarra must now gather 1,700 signatures to qualify for the primary on September 16.