Bankers go Broadway for a day at Goodspeed

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East Haddam — You might not think of bankers and lawyers as being much for the stage, but on Tuesday they went Broadway.

Webster Private Bank and the Goodspeed Opera House created a financial duet — a song and dance — to raise money for the historic theatre on the Connecticut River.

“It’s the chance to combine music and education about how to give to Goodspeed,” said Tim Throckmorton, a senior vice president at Webster by day, and on Tuesday, a lead singer in the famed “Guys and Dolls” number “A Fugue for Tinhorns.”

It wasn’t just lawyers and bankers on stage; some of the lead cast members of the Goodspeed’s recent critically-acclaimed performance of “Guys and Dolls” also took the mics at the next door Gelston House to help make a musical pitch to a room full of donors. The show tune lyrics were changed and, in place, the words that were sung included charitable giving techniques and advice.

“It makes it fun,” Throckmorton said, “hopefully people say I want to give to the Goodspeed because of this.”

Michael Gennaro, Goodspeed’s new Executive Director said, “I’ve never seen something where bankers and lawyers come together and create a performance for an audience about a subject like bequests.” Throckmorton added, “what we really want to accomplish is to get people excited about giving to Goodspeed.”

Currently the Goodspeed Opera House is featuring the show “La Cage Aux Folles,” which has been extended until September 10. For more infomation click here.