Hartford City Council president endorses Luke Bronin in mayoral race

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HARTFORD--Tuesday brought a serious lift for Luke Bronin’s mayoral campaign.

"Today, I am honored to announce my endorsement for Luke Bronin for mayor,” Hartford City Council President Shawn Wooden announced. "I know that he's smart, he's capable, he's compassionate."

It's an eye-opening endorsement considering Wooden works closely with five-year-incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra.

"I'm concerned about that future,” said Wooden, “and I'm concerned about leadership over the next four years."

Wooden, who isn't running again, has known Bronin for a decade and believes Bronin is the right person for the city's top seat.

In a statement, Segarra commented on Wooden's endorsement of Bronin:

"The great thing about American politics is that we get to choose who we support. But, no election is ever decided by endorsements. The outcome of this primary will be decided only by Hartford's hard-working Democrats. The victor will be the one who, over the next 35 days, can show their commitment to progressive leadership in our Capital city. It will be the one who will show a vision for improving our neighborhoods and schools and making our streets safer."

Just hours later, at a community forum Tuesday evening at the Church of the Good Shepard, four of the mayoral candidates presented their vision for a better, more cultured, Hartford.

Luke Brown, Ted Cannon, Joel Cruz Jr. and the incumbent, Mayor Pedro Segarra, spoke about expanding on the city’s arts, culture and tourism scene. Topics ranged from the new baseball park to celebrating the city’s history came up.

“How do we make sure that someone who just comes to a Yard Goats game doesn't just come and then leave? It's about using all of these opportunities, whether athletics or Coltsville or a cultural event,” said Bronin.

“The most important lesson to be given to our children is the role that this city and state played in the constitutional history in the development of rights in our nation,” said Segarra.

The candidates stuck to their own platforms and visions without challenging each other.

The question now is whether the primary even matters. While Bronin is putting all of his eggs in the Democratic primary, and won't move forward to the November election if he loses in September, that's not the case all around.

"I'm a proud Democrat,” said Bronin. “I believe the Democratic voters are going to vote for change in September and I plan on getting on the ballot by winning the primary."

But Mayor Segarra did file signatures that will put him on the November ballot as unaffiliated. Segarra calls it a "precautionary measure". The move means Segarra will still appear on the November ballot, even if he loses the primary.

Meanwhile, Segarra's campaign is turning up the pressure. His first campaign ad titled "My Story" hit social media Monday night and is expected to hit the airwaves later this week.