Woman attacked by pack of Rottweilers shares her story

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CANTERBURY--A caregiver for the elderly, viciously attacked by a pack of Rottweilers in December, shared her horrifying story for the first time on TV with Fox CT's John Charlton.

"If I was not married to the man that I'm married to, and the fact that he loves me, no matter how I look, is what keeps me going," Lynne Denning said.

Much of her face was ripped off in the attack, including her nose, which doctors reattached. A big chunk of her right shoulder also got bitten off, and she has scars from bites all over her body.

Denning was caring for an elderly woman in a Plainfield home Dec. 3 when a large male Rottweiler pounced on her. Denning said there were six Rottweilers in the home at the time. She doesn't know how many of them joined the attack, but remembered the other large male dog being involved.

Police seized five Rottweilers from the home, along with an older yellow Lab. Denning said the Lab definitely had nothing to do with the attack. All six dogs may be euthanized.

"I don't want them to die, but the two males that I know for sure, I feel bad," Denning said. "I blame the owners."

Denning and her husband recently received a copy of an Aug. 4 letter from a Plainfield Animal Control officer stating that four of the dogs will not be euthanized, and the owners can get them back for a $420 fee. The owners had previously petitioned the town to void its order for the dogs to be euthanized.

The Dennings said they are fighting to make sure none of the dogs, especially the Lab, go back to the owners.