A bright future for Plainville as new streetlamps to double as Wi-Fi hotspots

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PLAINVILLE -- Town leaders are close to installing brand new, energy-efficient LED street lamps that can also double as Wi-Fi hotspots.

The cost of providing free Wi-Fi will cost the town between $3,500 to $4,000 per year. However, the project will pay for itself within four to five years, thanks to the energy savings from the new lamps, town leaders say.

"We've been keeping our eye out, and watching technology, and watching the costs come down, we just thought now was the time to jump in," said Robert E. Lee, Plainville's town manager. "I think we'll be the second in the state to convert to LED and I think we'll be the first in the state to provide that wifi LED conversion so, we're a small town but I think we're on the cutting edge for a lot of technology."

The first hotspots will be deployed downtown and along the business corridor of Route 10 and 372. If the project proves successful, the hotspots will be expanded to cover more parts of town.

The new lamps and hotspots will be active by November.