Fairfield animal shelter closed due to deadly dog disease

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FAIRFIELD – The Fairfield Animal Shelter is currently closed due to four confirmed cases of the highly contagious and deadly canine parvovirus found in dogs housed at the Animal Shelter.

The virus is passed in dog feces and is very hardy. It can easily be passed from dog to dog and from shelter to shelter by shoes, clothing, dog dishes and other items in contact with the virus.

The initial case was found in a dog that was being housed for another municipality, according to the Fairfield Animal Control Department.

The shelter is being completely sanitized and will reopen two weeks after the last parvo-positive dog was diagnosed, on August 25.

Animals that are found roaming will be impounded in area towns that have available space. Easton Animal Control has handled all impounds for Fairfield since the outbreak. The Animal Control Department will still handle all complaints as usual during the shutdown and  can be contacted at (203) 254-4857.

On Monday, the Bridgeport Animal Control Shelter temporarily closed after three of the 53 dogs in that shelter’s care were discovered to be infected.