Magic graces New York subway station

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NEW YORK--When you head to a subway station in New York, you expect to see crowds, possibly some trash and sometimes a musician or two.

But at the L-train platform at the Bedford Avenue subway station in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, a bit of magic is happening.

Justin Sight, a 25-year-old magician, loves to do tricks with coins, cards and other objects. Sight is an unusual magician since he is legally blind.

“It really wasn’t one of those things that I was down about,” he told PIX11 News about being diagnosed with Stargardt's disease at age 10. “I always had the sense that it’s just one of those things that makes me unique and that it’s something you have to use to your advantage.”

Sight has been at it for two years, but his popularity recently soared after a rider posted a YouTube video of him in his element.

Watch more videos of Justin Sight on his website and YouTube page, and read more about the magician on PIX11 News.