Daytrippers: Casting call for fly-fishing at Orvis

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MILLBROOK, N.Y. -- If you are searching for something serene, there are hundreds of acres to explore at Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook, New York.

Orvis offers both one- and two-day fly-fishing schools, and its employees specialize in lending a hand to beginners who have yet to make a cast.

"My favorite students to work with are the ones who have never done it before and get them on their first fish," said Orvis instructor Ben Alex.

Classes usually begin with casting lessons at Orvis's private pond, and then, with full waterproof gear on, visitors are invited to head to one of the rushing streams.

"A lot of times it's just being out there," Alex said of the fly-fishing experience.

Alex also said that fly-fishing involves much more than throwing out a perfectly placed cast.

"It's not just dropping a worm out there and waiting," he said. "It's a thinking man's sport, you're trying to fool a fish into something that looks like a bug floating above them."

Even if the fish aren't biting, the scenery is tough to beat.

Orvis is just about 70 miles from Hartford, but seems as though it could be a thousand plus miles to the west.

"It's a hundred percent chance of a good time," Alex added.

Fly-fishing is taught at Orvis April through October. Hourly instruction and longer trips are also offered. To schedule fly-fishing instruction and to find out pricing information click here.

Orvis also offers wing-shooting school which was profiled on Daytrippers in the summer of 2014.