Report: New York governor luring General Electric after budget battle

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FAIRFIELD– New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had an under the radar meeting with General Electric executives on July 30.

According to a report in Capital New York, a subsidiary of Politico, Cuomo traveled to Fairfield to discuss a possible move of the mega-corporation to Westchester County.

The company has been vocal about its displeasure of Connecticut’s tax policies, including the recently passed two-year state budget.

Republican state Sen. Tony Hwang of Fairfield spoke with Fox CT Tuesday, and he said he is seriously concerned.

“Everyone needs to scream at the top of their longs, and realize this is not a bluff,” said Hwang. “These policies which we have enacted have had a devastating negative impact and we need to wake up and realize we need to change our ways.”

Fox CT reached out to GE, which responded with the same statement released after Connecticut’s budget passed:

We have formed an exploratory team to assess the company’s options to relocate corporate headquarters.  The team is currently engaged in the process and is taking many factors into consideration.  When there is a final decision on relocation, we will communicate it publicly.

Fox CT also spoke with Fairfield First Selectman Democrat Mike Tetreau, who believes GE is not bluffing.  He is also worried about the company moving some, if not all of its headquarters out of Fairfield.

Tetreau said in a statement:

I am not at all happy with the recent budget and tax changes that have caused GE to re-evaluate their future in Connecticut, to look at moving to a more business friendly and tax friendly state. GE has been an outstanding corporate citizen in Fairfield for 40 years. This budget is really the straw that broke the camel’s back – this is a 20-year problem caused by both Republicans and Democrats not working together, not having a plan for keeping Connecticut competitive.

Gov. Dan Malloy’s office declined to comment on the report of a Cuomo visit.