DMV reopens to excruciating wait times and irate customers after a week long closure

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WETHERSFIELD - People got in line early Tuesday morning, waiting to get in to the Department of Motor Vehicles after a week-long closure.

The line formed early, but DMV employees passed out flyers with instructions as to what services were available online. Some people were able to leave and not wait for the office to open at 7:45 a.m.

The offices were packed throughout the day, any many of those earlier risers weren't seen until close to closing time. Wait times ranged from five to seven hours, or more.

Officials attribute some of the delays to the week-long closure, but also to employees becoming familiar with the new system.

The software upgrade required the entire system to shut down all of last week, so the DMV expects double the volume of people at branches this week.

That's why the DMV is urging everyone that if they can handle motor vehicle business at home, then stay at home. The upgrade offers more online features to help people avoid standing in line.

"You will be able to reprint registration certificates from home or any computer you have, you will be able to cancel your registration online," DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala, Jr. said.  "You will be able to order specialty plates such as vanity plates."

The DMV can also reissue damaged plates through its website, and drivers can renew their registration through a new and improved online program, as well as check to see if they have any delinquent payments on parking fines or unpaid property taxes.

The DMV is also offering a 60-day extension until October 10 to renew all expiring driver's licenses, ID cards and registrations.